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Donated Hilton Head vacation reunites Army medic with biological brothers

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How to Apply

ORR Application Policy

ORR Eligibility Requirements

ORR USA Partner Directory 2016-17

Applications for our next season open on August 1, 2018

Please note our program runs annually from October- May. There will be blackout dates from 28 March through 18 April for Spring Break, Easter and the Heritage Golf Classic.  

Please be reminded that we require a minimum 4 night stay with a maximum of 7 nights.

Before starting the application process, please review our eligibility requirements. Operation R&R has been established to provide an opportunity for married military personnel to reconnect with their immediate family members upon their return to the United States from permanent assignment. The Operation R&R program also offers these services to the "Families of the Fallen" Gold Star Spouses and Parents as well. Our program has a limited number of vacation properties available for this purpose. The program runs annually from September to the end of May. There is no charge to our military men and women for the use of the vacation property.
By applying, you are agreeing that you have read and accepted the Cancellation Policy and agree to our Terms and conditions and cannot hold the organization or any person(s) at Operation R&R, or any of its participating sponsors, liable for your application submission, or any problems that arise from applying.
Once your application is received by Operation R&R it will be reviewed and filed. We will respond back to you just to confirm that we received your application. If for some reason you do not hear back from us within a few days please e-mail us at apply@orrusa.org. About 30 days before the requested date of your stay you will be contacted via email to confirm that we have accommodations for you. Remember it is important that you respond to our confirming e-mails in order to insure that you remain on our tentative schedule.  

Important: We have a NO PET POLICY.

Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R
Operation R & R

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